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Sep 21, 2020

Project update 5 of 12

Beta Testing Underway, App Updates, and A One Question Survey For A Free Add-On

by Stuart Schechter

First off, we may be able to provide a free add-on to our backers. To help us prioritize this, please fill out this one-question survey.

Beta Testing Underway

We have shipped test DiceKeys to everyone who joined our beta test program. We were even able to accommodate requests for beta hardware from outside the US. Thanks to everyone who has already sent in test reports!

US testers should receive their test units by the end of the week if they haven’t received them already

A sample of shipping status updates for US beta testers.

We have yet to see any problems that would slow down the process of getting DiceKeys hardware out to backers. Most of the problems testers have encountered have been with software, not hardware.

A DiceKey photographed by a beta test program participant (DanB)

DiceKeys App Updates

Many beta testers had problems when the app was not allowed to access their camera. The app will now inform users if it is unable to access a camera case and encourage them to correct this.

We have also fixed a number of bugs that caused scanning to fail on Safari and some mobile browsers.

We have improved error reporting since beta testers have started reporting problems so that testers can provide better bug error reports.

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