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Sep 29, 2020

Project update 6 of 12

BIG News! (like, 20mm x 20mm big!), Software Updates, and Campaign Ending Thursday!

by Stuart Schechter

Over 400 backers responded to last week’s one-question survey, and roughly three out of four asked for stickers for backing up DiceKeys.

A DiceKey, STICKEY, a phone that has scanned the STICKEY, and leftover stickers
A DiceKey (top right), STICKEY replicating the DiceKey (bottom right), phone with scanned STICKEY displayed, and leftover stickers from the STICKEY sticker set (top left)

I just received a rush sample from our manufacturer with 20mm x 20mm stickers, used it to make a copy of my reference DiceKey, and the app scanned it as predicted. While these "STICKEY" sets will cost extra after the campaign ends…

We are giving our backers a free STICKEY set with every DiceKey ordered during the campaign, including to backers who squeeze in before Thursday’s campaign deadline.

Many of you (~4 of 10) also expressed interested in introductory offers for password managers. I’ll start investigating whether that’s possible after we kick of manufacturing.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback to this week’s short survey.

Product progress

I spent much of the last week fixing many bugs reported in the DiceKeys app, as testers have run it on a growing variety of browsers and devices, each of which handles cameras a little differently.

While fixing software problems has kept me busy, we have yet to receive any reports of hardware problems with DiceKeys. I have also been running some additional tests on the quality of different types of dice: the glossy used in the beta, a matte which might have fewer problems with glare, and an engraved 16mm die.

We’ve also gained confidence in the quality of the dice as we have performed additional environmental-exposure tests. We submerged dice for 34 hours in chlorine bleach (PH~11: a base) then another 34 hours in lemon juice (PH~2: an acid). The tests included a 12mm glossy die from the beta production run, another 12mm die with a matte finish to reduce glare when scanning, and a 16mm sample engraved die for reference (engraved dice were not yet precise enough for our standards). We could discern no degradation in any of the dice after the 68-hour test.

Dice before their acid and base baths
Dice before testing, awaiting their chlorine baths
Dice after their acid and base baths
After emerging from 34 hours submerged in bleach and 34 hours submerged in lemon juice

Lastly, the DiceKeys and SoloKeys teams finished a draft specification for creating FIDO2/WebAuthN authentication credentials from a DiceKey or other cryptographic seed. This spec will ensure that other manufacturers can make security keys that can replicate a lost or broken SoloKey that you had seeded with your DiceKey.

Next week, we’ll update you with final campaign stats and the manufacturing kick-off. Thanks again for backing us!

Stuart Schechter

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