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Oct 20, 2020

Project update 7 of 12

Orders Sent to Manufacturing, App Progress, and Help Us Choose A Logo!

by Stuart Schechter

With the close of the campaign, we’ve sent orders out to manufacturing. We didn’t encounter any hardware problems during the beta, so the only change to the hardware shared with beta testers is that our production dice will be less glossy to reduce glare while scanning.

The most important remaining production issue to finalize is the instruction label to be attached to the lid of the box.

The lid label
This label places security guidance directly onto the lid of your DiceKey

This label has important for security: should a malicious app or website instruct you to scan your DiceKey directly, so that it can steal it, this label will be your last reminder not to do so. As part of the DiceKeys hardware, this label cannot be updated once we ship it. So, if you have suggestions for how to improve it, please tell us by emailing beta@dicekeys.com.

Please also help us choose a logo by completing our latest one-question survey.

Product progress

I’ve been investing time providing tools to make it easy for software developers to learn the Application Programming Interface (API) for the DiceKeys app that password managers can derive passwords or cryptographic keys from your DiceKey and allow other apps to derive secrets from your DiceKey. I’ve created a website that not only documents the API, but allows you to test it out in real time. If you’re a software developer and are curious about how apps can use DiceKeys, please check it out and send us feedback.

Once we’ve made sure that all the app developers who want to work with DiceKeys have all the information they need, we’ll get back to putting the finishing touches on the app’s user experience and start porting it to Android and iOS.

Recent updates include the ability to type in DiceKeys by hand and to verify that a copy of your DiceKey (such as one made with the free SticKeys backers will be receiving) was made correctly.

Stuart Schechter


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