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Feb 06, 2020

Project update 4 of 13

3D-Printable Enclosure

by Jakub Kazibudzki

Hardware and software are important, of course, and GetWired provides both. But to install home automation modules properly – whether they are in-wall modules or electrical switchboard modules – you’re also going to need some enclosures. Well, the good news is, we thought of that!

Types of Enclosures

We came up with two different types of enclosures to fit all of the devices that we are making available through this campaign.

  1. An in-wall mountable enclosure for 2SSR+MCU and RGBW+MCU combinations, and
  2. An electrical switchboard mountable enclosure for the Ethernet

Gateway and some not-yet-available shields.

So where are these enclosures, then? They are available for download from our GitHub repo and ready to be 3D printed.

(Our Ethernet Gateway should also fit in at least some available Raspberry Pi enclosures, since it has the same dimensions and hole spacing as the famous credit-card-sized computer. What a coincidence!)

So Why Can’t I Buy One?

We apologize for the inconvenience. We decided not to offer 3D-printed enclosures through the campaign because the inclusion of four different hardware designs has already made it quite complex. We simply wanted to avoid complicating it further. Plus, given the current accessibility of 3D-printing services (and the availability of cheap 3D printers), we figured it would be relatively pointless to sell enclosures like this.

So please feel free to download, edit, share, and 3D print our enclosures!

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