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Bajiu Lite

An open source, resource-rich FPGA development board with a custom RISC-V development environment

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Bajiu Lite is a resource-rich FPGA development board with 20,000 logic elements (LEs), 36 multipliers, and up to five PLLs. It can easily run at frequencies above 150 MHz with very low power consumption. It is small, convenient, and ready to facilitate rapid FPGA development right out of the box. To assist with this, Bajiu Lite utilizes Efinix software tools, which are easy to set up and straightforward to use.

Along with the Bajiu hardware, we have also developed a robust, custom RISC-V development environment called CRiscV, which is an open source, VexRiscv-based SoC soft core that has been adapted to the Bajiu Lite dev board. It allows you to implement powerful tools quickly, including those related to vision processing, neural networks, RISC-CPUs, robotics, and other common applications.

Fun fact: "Bajiu" means 8 * 9 = 72, which is a reference to the mythical Monkey King’s thousand variations. We chose this name because Bajiu Lite can be used to implement nearly any logic!

Features & Specifications

CRiscV Software

Open Source

You can find a "Getting Started" guide for Bajiu Lite and CRiscV, as well as our open source documentation, in our GitHub repo.

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In the Press

DIY Electronics

" Users can modify the VexRiscv CRiscV soft-core to suit workloads ranging from robotics to computer vision."

Linux Gizmos

"The Bajiu Lite is a FPGA development board with an open-source RISC-V development environment called CRiscV. "


"[Dragon Li] has tapped into its over-a-decade years of experience in hardware and software to design something like this, which aims at providing an easy route to low-power FPGA and RISC-V projects."

About the Team

Dragon Li Studio

Chengdu, Sichuan, China  ·   dragonli.info

Dragon Li Studio specializes in FPGA-related product development and has over 10 years of experience in hardware and software. We want to build easy-to-use and cost-effective FPGA products and design FPGA development boards, RISC-V software ecology, and complex algorithm IP customization.

Herbert Tang

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