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The long-range LoRa® wall switch powered by coin cells and the Arduino IDE

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One EasySwitchBox


Base Kit

One easySwitchBox + one Nano radio shield


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One easySwitchBox + two Nano radio shields


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Two easySwitchBox + one Nano radio shield


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Five easySwitchBox + one Nano radio shield


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One single Nano Radio Shield


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"If you want to be able to control your light-switches from 20 kilometers away, then get one of these."

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"another long-range IoT solution ready for Arduino development"

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"LoRa-based easySwitchBox wireless controller that can be utilized for any number of projects, including IoT and home automation applications."


"easySwitchBox Is an Arduino IDE-Compatible Long-Range LoRa Outlet"


"remote control your appliances from long distance"

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"powered by just a couple of coin cell batteries and programmed using the Arduino IDE"

easySwitchBox is part of the Microchip Get Launched 2019 design competition!

The easySwitchBox does one simple thing – it sends on\off signals to any relay, actuator, or other project. It can be used to trigger any event wirelessly and from a distance (even up to a couple kilometers using LoRa®). It’s easy to program using the Arduino IDE, and communication is secured by an authentication chip. The easySwitchBox not only makes your project more effective, it also looks more professional.

Features & Specifications

  • IDE Control: Fully compatible with the Arduino IDE
    • Enumerates as an Arduino Pro Mini @ 8 MHz
    • Compatible with all RFM 69 \ 95 compatible open source libraries available
  • Radio Transceivers: Three transceiver options are available
    • HopeRF RFM95 LoRa® 433/868/915 MHz (long-range version)
    • HopeRF RFM69-HCW 433/868/915 MHz (mid-range version)
    • HopeRF RFM69-CW 433/868/915 MHz (low power consumption version)
  • Security: On-board Atmel/Microchip ATSHA204A crypto-authentication chip
    • Provides secured handshakes
  • Antennas: Tuned PCB antenna options that are soldered to the main board
    • 915 MHz - United States, Canada, Australia
    • 868 MHz - Europe
    • 433 MHz - Europe
  • Interface: Long-run soft-touch buttons similar to high-quality home switches
    • Each button has a built-in LED for message delivery confirmation
  • Power: Utilizes two CR2032 coin cell batteries
    • On-board coin cell holders
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • High-efficiency power converter
    • Batteries can last as long as two years with daily use
  • Mounting: Two options are provided for mounting
    • Pre-applied adhesive tape on the back
    • Screws through holes in the back plate
  • Open Source Hardware: For all your hacking desires
easySwitchBox Antenna option renders

Antenna option renders

Nano Radio Shield

Some easySwitchBox kits ship with an Arduino Nano radio shield that allows you to easily receive signals from easySwitchBox using an Arduino Nano. This shield:

  • Will come with the same radio configuration as the easySwitchBox you order (RFM69-CW/HCW, RFM95)
  • Allows jumper wire access to all Nano pins, even with the Nano installed
  • Contains an Atmel/Microchip ATSHA204A crypto authentication chip (as does easySwitchBox)
  • Has an SMA connector for antenna (antenna is included)
  • Has an on-board 5 V to 3.3 V level converter for the radio and Flash
  • Features a microSD card slot

Radio Transciever Options

| | Battery Life (based on 20 presses a day) | Distance|
| ——— | ——— | ——— | | SwitchBox RFM95 LoRa | 0.5-4 years depending on modem configuration* | up to 1000-2000 m | | SwitchBox RFM69 HCW | 1-2 years | up to 650 m | | SwitchBox RFM69 CW| 4-5 years | up to 350 m|

* Battery life depends on modem configurations of bandwidth, spreading factors, and coding rates

Quality and Versatility

RFM 95 has miles of coverage. RFM 69 is great for indoor use (for example: RFM69CW can easily cover large 5-story building). Since easySwitchBox is 100% compatible with Arduino IDE, anyone who loves Arduinos can use it in their projects. The easySwitchBox also comes with example code, to help get you started.

Finely-Tuned and Tested

Each easySwitchBox is tested and tuned while inside the enclosure and with a hand in front of it so that the resonance and Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) can account for these blockages.

Easy to Program

It has both open source hardware and software parts. The project is based on popular RFM 69/95 radios. There are lots of open source drivers and software available for RFM 433/868/915 MHz radios. It is easily programmable, using the popular ATmega328P, and is Arduino IDE compatible.

Security Features

For added security, easySwitchBox offers the option of using a secured handshake, backed by a Microchip/Atmel ATSHA204A crypto-authentication chip.

Professional-looking Enclosure

The enclosure is minimal, stylish, and sleek. The clean and professional case will elevate any project. It also mounts using the provided double-sided tape or screws through the back plate.

Support & Documentation

The easySwitchBox is proudly open source. See below for links to forums, mailing lists, and other documentation.



SwitchBox RFM95 LoRa SwitchBox RFM69 HCW SwitchBox RFM69 CW Generic 433 RF SwitchesXiaomi ZigBee switch
ManufacturereasySensors easySensors easySensors General GizmosXiaomi
LightweightYes Yes Yes YesYes
Battery Life0.5-4 years depending on modem configuration at 20 presses a day* 1-2 years, 20 presses a day 4-5 years, 20 presses a day 0.5 year, 20 presses a day1-2 years, 20 presses a day
Open SourceHW + SW HW + SW HW + SW Many protocols available, some of them decrypted and available as open source drivers No
Price$34 $31 $31 $5-10$19.99-29.99
DistanceUp to 1000-2000 m Up to 650 m Up to 350 m 20 m 20-25 m without repeaters
Integration Into Home AutomationYes Yes Yes Somewhat possible to integrate but the device neends to be checked against list of compatible devices with the driver lib Possible, but you have to rely on handlers based on decoded proprietary protocol
SecurityRFM95 encryption + ATSHA204A authentication chip RFM69 encryption + ATSHA204A authentication chip RFM69 encryption + ATSHA204A authentication chip No ZigBee

* Battery life depends on modem configurations of bandwidth, spreading factors, and coding rates

Manufacturing Plan

Components will be sourced from Mouser. PCBs will be made at well-known manufacturer PCBWay. We have used PCBWay for years and consider them our best supplier \ PCB manufacturer. They are not the cheapest, but their quality and manufacturing yield is perfect.
For prototyping, we have a low-volume manufacturing facility nearby in Minsk, Belarus that can handle assembly as well as prototype testing. We have now been through several iterations of prototyping for the 433 MHz version, and we have completed the 868 and 915 MHz designs.

*The FTDI adapter and clamp shown here are not included in the campaign pledges.

Fulfillment & Logistics

Crowd Supply will be handling the fulfillment and delivery of easySwitchBox items worldwide. You can learn more about their shipping methods in The Crowd Supply Guide.

Risks & Challenges

Hardware is hard, but we’ve tried our best to mitigate potential problems we could run into. Any unexpected delays will be communicated clearly and promptly to backers through our campaign updates.


  • Poor PCB Yield: There is a risk of PCB production issues when we order a larger batch. Unlike samples, production batches could have yield issues. If that is the case, the solution is another production run. An additional run would cause delays for our entire manufacturing process.

The local prototype manufacturing facility we plan to use greatly reduces the risk associated with product design and testing while prototyping and designing the PCBs.

  • Component Shortages and Shipping Delays: We encounter these from time to time and do our best to mitigate those risks by choosing the most reliable sourcing partners and a PCB factory we trust.


  • Frequency Range: The wide variety of the frequencies could present an additional challenge.
  • Antenna Design: The easySwitchBox antenna design is based on the successful TI design.

Working off a proven design is helpful, but the antennas themselves require a lot of “bench testing” to achieve maximum range. It can be a very time consuming process, because it includes testing with the enclosure and a human finger\palm.

  • Testing: Every single board coming from the manufacturer needs to be functionally tested. This can be time consuming, but needs to be done.

LoRa® is a trademark of Semtech Corporation or its subsidiaries.



easySensors was created by two long time friends with common passion for creating electronics and connected things.

Yury Svirida

Evgeny Korenovsky

Mouser Electronics

Component Provider


PCBA Manufacturer

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