An open source programmable logic controller

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MyMicroPLC is a PLC-type board that has inputs (opto coupler) and relay outputs. It’s designed to be inserted into industrial DIN stands (100 mm H x 140 mm L).

The card can be programmed by a terminal via a LIST language interpreter. It also has a standalone clock that can be used in the LIST language.

MyMicroPLC can be used with its preferred compiler (XC8, MikroC, Pascal, etc.) to exploit all the capabilities of the microcontroller (DMA memory, etc.)

Possible Use-cases:

  • In a home automation system (Domoticz) as a slave with a Raspberry Pi card
  • As a computer interface card by ASCII command via USB (for delphi, visual studio, android, labview etc.)


It’s possible to add an incredible number of card type MikroBus to expand the possibilities (ethernet, wifi, A / D interface, driver motors, lcd, etc.)

Features & Specifications:

  • CPU PIC18F K42
  • MAC address ETHERNET unique
  • AC / DC IN 24VDC
  • 8 DI, 8 DO (relay)
  • 1 MikroBus Socket
  • 1 USB / USART (Terminal)
  • 1 USART for LCD connection nextion for example or other
  • 1 ICD port for CPU programming
  • 1 Port 1x I2C + SPI for an extension
  • Buzzer
  • open source code XC8

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