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Oct 21, 2020

Project update 21 of 24

Advice for assembling your BB3

by Denis

The BB3 assembly season has begun! A good portion of backers have received their kits, assembled them, and have them up and running. However, in a small number of cases, some backers encountered issues with the supplied parts. The issues seen are:

Feel free to contact us if you notice any such defect so that we can arrange a replacement.

One of our ardent supporters, GoJimmyPi, went a step further and addressed the issue of earthing (aka, grounding) the enclosure in a very creative way)! In fact, the enclosure is currently not completely unprotected because it has an earthed top cover when the Mean Well converters are connected. However, earthing for the front panel and bottom plate is missing.

In the assembly instructions, I added a link at the very beginning to Appendix A which describes what work is required if additional earthing is needed.

Thank you all for the helpful feedback, compliments, and comments. This feedback will help us push this project further. Feel free to join us on our Discord server and on the EEVblog forum where a lot of interesting discussions are taking place (a separate thread is available for BB3 Enclosure & Bare Boards backers).

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