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Oct 06, 2020

Project update 20 of 24

Production and Fulfillment Progress

by Denis

As you might have guessed, the shipment has arrived in the US and we are now waiting for Mouser to start shipping to you. This should happen soon, so I beg for a little more patience.

I would also like to announce we’re seeing the first results of the work by our new contractor, (Drives & Motors d.o.o.), who I chose to make DCP405 modules (which AssemTec Europe from Poland never fully delivered). The first DCP405 modules are finished and tested and currently the yield rate is 100%. I believe they will have similarly good results by the end of the run as well as when they start producing other modules. As part of that story, and the promise given in the video from the last update we will continue working with Node-RED, we have the first functional automation for testing the DCP405 modules Drives & Motors d.o.o. are already using in production.

To work better with Node-RED, we first added our nodes. The Node-RED flow of the test procedure has also been published and can be studied and further upgraded and modified if desired. The automated test procedure covers module initialization and registration as well as testing all important functions of the DCP405 module. The results are stored in a PostgreSQL database and help us to track the modules. I’ve also prepared a short video about that, in which the new SMX46 module is used for the first time.

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