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Sep 15, 2020

Project update 19 of 24

Everything Is On Its Way to Mouser for Fulfillment

by Denis

Finally, the moment has come. I can now let you know that a shipment left our warehouse yesterday containing all crowdfunding orders and all existing pre-orders. It cleared export controls today and should arrive at Mouser’s warehouse next week (if we get lucky and are quickly cleared through import customs). We’ve pushed the estimated ship date back by three weeks, to October 6th, just in case we don’t get lucky.

Ongoing Development

Development continues on all fronts (including new modules, firmware, and EEZ Studio). We have also re-established manufacturing arrangements after production was compromised by our first contractor (as noted in our August 5th update). We believe the new contractor manufacturer, which is local, will meet our expectations and allow the BB3 project to live and to grow. None of which would be possible without your support, past, present, and future. Thanks again for that!

Open Source ATE Integration

While you wait, have a look at the short video below. It describes our first Node-RED integration. In combination with BB3, it has the potential to provide a very attractive and fully open source Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) solution for small business and other creators who want to automate mass-production testing and reporting without paying a premium for test equipment and Windows-only software licenses (e.g. LabVIEW, Keysight VEE Pro, etc.).

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