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Dec 31, 2019

Project update 8 of 24

Thank You & Protection Mechanisms

by Denis

Martin and I want to thank all of the backers who have helped us reach our funding goal. We believe that BB3 will meet your expectations.

Protection mechanisms

In this update we’d like to present various protection mechanisms that are important for every sourcing instrument, including EEZ BB3 when it’s equipped with power modules. The scope-of-protection includes both connected loads and the instrument itself because we don’t just want to prevent malfunctions and equipment damage or electrocution and fire hazards…we want to prevent all of the above.

The short video below covers the detection of cooling fan failures, output states on power up and protection trip, full-range OVP crowbar, display lock, module power failure, reverse polarity protection of both power outputs and remote sense inputs, power recycling with connected battery, and inhibit mode. We believe you will like what you see.

We wish you a happy New Year (and a year in which that BB3 shows up at your door!)


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