ERASynth Micro

A USB-powered, low-priced, open source RF signal generator

May 30, 2019

Project update 2 of 12

ERASynth Micro is Now Live on Crowd Supply

This is a friendly reminder that the ERASynth Micro campaign is now live on Crowd Supply. ERASynth Micro is a low-priced, USB-powered version of our previous campaign ERASynth.

During the ERASynth campaign we received a lot of feedback from users and potential customers. Many people told us that they liked ERASynth but its price was still too much for them. One guy emailed us saying that he really liked it but he was a college student so he could not afford it. So we decided to offer a product almost everyone could afford. We didn’t sacrifice the performance significantly. For example, the phase noise of ERASynth Micro is about 5 dB higher compared to ERASynth. Besides affordability we decided to save on power consumption as well. Our previous project ERASynth had to rely on an external battery. We lowered the power consumption in ERASynth Micro. Hence, it can be powered using the USB port.

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