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Making an Easy Internet Connected Display, Manufacturing and Hornbill IO

I am obsessed with numbers, are you? I would like to share a tutorial on building an easy internet connect display. The objective is to display numbers from the internet that matter to you on a tiny OLED!

Check the detailed tutorial on building one! There are various technologies involved in building this project and would be a good beginners IOT project.


We have started receiving the remaining parts ordered for the first Hornbill batch. We’ve gotten quotes for customizing the cases for the Hornbill Demo apps. So instead of generic cases, you’ll be receiving printed cases if you’ve ordered Hornbill OUR, IDL or Lights. We have also placed orders to complete the second batch, which is scheduled to arrive even before the shipping date of the first batch. I will update on the exact date in about a week.

Hornbill IO

The data logging, simple dashboards and user registration is working on the IO. The plan is to get the messaging/billing working with AWS IOT so that it is ready for beta testing. This, we believe, would be a good platform to test your ideas. I will share the public URL in the next update.

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