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Aug 10, 2017

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XTRX Software Status Update

Most of the updates so far were related to hardware design progress, but hardware is nothing without software, so it’s time for a software update. Sergey has been putting massive amount of work into making sure XTRX software is high performance, flexible and stable. And making sure all most popular applications are supported.

General architecture notes

Max/min transfer speed

Numbers bellow are not theoretical and are based on real tests. A test is assumed correct if it sustains the speed for at least 5 min without any underruns/overruns. Tests are run under RT priority.

Connection typePCIe x2 Gen1
Raw speed4 Gbps
TX only max sustained rate192 MB/s
RX only max sustained rate417 MB/s
TX+RX (same rate)160+160 MB/s
TX+RX (RX rate is 2x higher)160+320 MB/s

Current streaming limitations

Platform support

C/NT – Compiles, but hasn’t been tested
WIP – Work in progress, no actual test are done

Linux x86_64Full
Linux i386C/NT
Linux arm (32-bit)C/NT
Linux Aarch64 (ARM 64-bit)C/NT
Windowsi386 WIP
Windowsx86_64 WIP
OtherNot planned

Applications support

Native XTRX API support

ApplicationDescriptionSupport level
gr-osmosdrXTRX support for GNU RadioFull
SoapySDRPlugin to SoapySDRBasic functions
osmo-trx2G GSM TransceiverOnly 1 TRX for now
Amarisoft LTE4G ENB - PCIe/USBOnly FDD for now
kalibrateFreq calibration using 2G BTSFull
srsUE/srsLTE LTEeNB & UECompiles, runs

Other applications which have been tested with non-native API

Applications which haven’t been tested yet (wait list)

Wire streaming types

MIMO 16-bitYesYes
MIMO 12-bitNoWIP
MIMO 8-bitPlannedYes
SISO 16-bitYesYes
SISO 12-bitNoNo
SISO 8-bitPlannedYes

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