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Fully modular test leads

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ModuPontas are fully modular test leads. They’re a quick, easy and convenient way to change leads at any time

With lower space requirements and cost, they’re an excellent alternative when compared to non-modular leads of the same variety.

ModuPontas also uses a thicker wire, to reduce the resistive losses and risk of wire damage and/or fire damage.

Variety of leads

Single Contact

Banana, crocodile, header, crimp leads (faston, ring, spade, pin), hook and spring probe.


USB A (male/female), μUSB B Male, T (male/female), XT60 (male/female) and 4 wire header+crocodile.

Connection wires

You can fulfill all your temporary wiring needs with a small number of ModuPuntas instead of needing to have a huge number of wires on hand for specific uses.

Unusual lead types and use cases

Header 0.75mm²: General purpose connection for many 2.54mm electrical connectors, terminal blocks, breadboard, precision probing, can allow 1 hand measurements by having a lead fixed on the PCB severely reducing accidental short circuit chances (if it has terminal blocks).

Spring probe: anti-slip THT component probing severely reducing accidental short circuit chances.

4 wire measurement probes: separate power and sense lines increase small resistance measurement accuracy and voltage output (for power supplies with external sense).

About the Team

Flávio Valente

Porto, Portugal

Electronics hobbyist for 7 years with professional experience on a PCBA factory, currently electronic repair, and sometimes design.

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