Wi-Fi Stepper

Control any stepper motor using Wi-Fi

Jan 23, 2019

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The Wi-Fi Stepper Campaign is Now Live

I’m excited to announce that the Wi-Fi Stepper campaign is now live.

We started this project because we were finding it difficult to drive large stepper motors simply and cheaply. The options seemed to be either; buy large industrial motor controllers for lots of cash, or do it yourself with Arduinos, driver chips, and a breadboards. There are maker options for smaller motors, but they lacked the current and voltage to drive the big ones. We saw an opportunity to help our fellow makers and build a board capable of driving motors up to the NEMA 42.

We’ve been working on this project since August and we’re nearly done. We have some software to finish and one last board revision. Help us pass the finish line with your support.

Thank you,
Wi-Fi Stepper Team

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