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Wi-Fi Stepper

Control any stepper motor using Wi-Fi

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Wireless Control, Easy Integration

Wi-Fi Stepper is a feature-packed, easy-to-use, stepper motor controller accessible over Wi-Fi. It can handle small to big stepper motors under high current. You can send crypto-secured commands over Wi-Fi from a computer, phone, or any other platform. Integration with other controllers is possible using the step clock and direction input pins. Wi-Fi Stepper makes controlling a stepper motor easy and productive.

Wi-Fi Stepper front and back

Use Wi-Fi Stepper in projects like:

Big or small, bring your motor into the IoT world.

Many projects need a way to interact with the real world. For a lot of applications, stepper motors are the preferred way. They work well at slow to medium speeds and without gearbox reductions. There are plenty of inexpensive NEMA mounts to choose from. They have excellent torque ratings and can even provide high torque at extremely low speed. Stepper motors can run at speed, or as a servo that holds position at any angle. Stepper motors are commonly used in CNC applications and are a great entry-level motor to learn the basics.

With a proper power supply, this project supports most motors on the market. With its voltage and current ratings, even the mammoth NEMA 42 is within its comfort zone for the most demanding applications.

The software side of stepper control is also made easier with Wi-Fi Steppers open source software integration options, including a powerful web application with quickstart functions and guides.

(1) NEMA 11 (2) NEMA 17 (3) NEMA 23 (4) NEMA 34 (5) NEMA 34 high torque

Features & Specifications



Wi-Fi StepperTaroccoOpenMYRuStepper S
Input Voltage9-80 V 36 V8-14 V 8-42 V
Output Current10 A 10 A 2 A 2 A
Step ControllerIncluded Needed IncludedIncluded
NEMA SizesAny Any 17 17/23
Open Source Hardware & SoftwareYes YesYesYes
Development EnvironmentESP8266 N/A ESP8266Arduino
Wi-FiYes No Yes No
SecurityCrypto Chip N/A No N/A
Encoder FeedbackNo Yes No Yes
I/O ExpandableYes No YesYes

Easy Control

To help you get started, we’ve written a web application that allows you to start moving within minutes of plugging in your motor. You can adjust any configuration setting, test simple motion commands, and generate example code all from the Quickstart dashboard interface.

Servo Control

Drag and edit servo position quickly and intuitively or enter in precise angles. View openloop position feedback and manage step sizes.

Quickstart guide servo mode control pane

Speed Control

Set RPM and visualize speed. Manage hard stop (active bridge) and soft stop (high impedance bridge) settings. Enable stop on switch engagement (for E-Stop or homing).

Step Clock Input

Use an external motion driver to control the motor. Direction configuration can be tied to switch input.

Quickstart guide stepmode mode control pane


Specify safety limits, speed profiles, torque settings, and speed optimization. With advanced configuration, you can manage current and voltage waveform generation, back EMF compensation, stall detection, and more.

Quickstart guide configuration pane

Quickstart guide advanced configuration pane

Code Generation

Once you’ve dialed in your motor, generate configuration and motion commands that match the quickstart settings.

Quickstart guide code generation pane

Support & Documentation

We love open source! All of our software, hardware, documentation, everything is MIT license free(dom).

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Produced by Good Robotics in Santa Cruz, CA.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

Wi-Fi Stepper Quickstart Kit

Includes the Wi-Fi Stepper board, NEMA 17 stepper motor, and 24 V power supply packages. Everything you need to get started.

$110 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Wi-Fi Stepper - Board Only

A Wi-Fi Stepper board to control small and large stepper motors.

$70 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

About the Team

Good Robotics

Santa Cruz, CA  ·

Good Robotics develops hardware and embedded software for robotics and control applications. Our focus is on adapting professional-level platforms and techniques for a wider range of users such as makers/hobbiests. We have experts in electrical engineering, embedded systems, mechanical engineering, and sensor fusion/controls.

Andrew Klofas

Electronics Engineer and Embedded Systems Developer

Ace Shelander

Mechanical Engineer

Ted Larson

Senior Electronics Engineer

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