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Cast to any device with this compact, PiKVM compatible HDMI add-on board for the Raspberry Pi CM4

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Pi-Cast is a compact, HDMI-capable extension board for the Raspberry Pi CM4 module that boasts the ability to cast any HDMI source to your iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android device, or any other device that supports USB Ethernet. Pi-Cast is also PiKVM compatible and can be used as a regular PiKVM device. At 78 x 56 x 15 mm in size, Pi-Cast is smaller than a credit card, making it the smallest PiKVM extension board on the market. And, with the help of the onboard, USB-3.0 Gigabit Ethernet chip, you can easily connect to your device using a simple USB Type-C cable without losing bandwidth.

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A Better Way to Connect

The traditional way of connecting directly to a CM4, without a network router or switch, would be to attach a RNDIS-compatible network card to the CM4’s OTG-enabled USB port. Unfortunately, that solution prevents you from taking advantage of one of the device’s most useful features, "USB Device Simulation," which can be used to simulate keyboards, CD-Rom drives, mass-storage devices, etc. The other solution would be turn your CM4 into a hotspot, but that only works for Wi-Fi-enabled models and is vulnerable to network instability and other such issues.

With Pi-Cast’s onboard USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet, you can connect directly to your CM4 without any compromises, through a simple USB Type-C cable.

Pi-Cast in a Server Room? Gigabit Ethernet to the Rescue

If you want to deploy Pi-Cast in a data center, server room or server cabinet, you may want to connect it to a regular RJ45 port. Thanks to the onboard Gigabit Ethernet signal-multiplexer chipset, you can easily route the CM4’s Gigabit Ethernet signal between the onboard USB 3.0 Ethernet chipset and the external pin header by flipping a DIP switch.

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"A true networked KVM like this one [is] indespensible..."

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