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Jun 19, 2020

Project update 7 of 9

Shipping Update & Tips List

by Esmacat

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your patience during these unfortunate times. We are working with Crowd Supply to get these boards out to you as quickly as possible, and we are happy to report that some EASE boards have finally begun shipping. If you have not yet received your crowdfunding order, you should receive it soon. For the time being, we are pushing the estimated ship date back by two weeks, but we expect the remaining crowdfunding orders to go out well before that. Pre-orders and stock purchases will ship as soon as all crowdfunding orders have been filled.

Meanwhile, here are a few reminders when running applications with EASE.

EASE Usage Tips

We are very excited to see what you all can create with EASE! Please send us any links, photos, videos, etc. of your project so we can see them and possibly share them on our website or social channels!

The Esmacat Team

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