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A kite-balloon offering quiet, long-term flight for videography, communications, and meteorology.

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Halfway Funded, Thank You!

Airpup is 50% funded! Thank you so much for making the first week a roaring success. Thanks for believing in my kite balloon dream, especially all of you who took the leap into Airpup ownership.

There are still three Earlybird Airpups available at $399 if you haven’t joined in yet.

More about Airpup

Over the next week I’ll be sharing more details about the history of kite balloons and how I designed Airpup. Please help get the word out and share where you can.

Getting Helium

I’m making a map of helium suppliers. If you have a helium supplier, please add them to the map. If you can’t find a good local helium supplier, get in touch and I’ll help.

The map is being built on OpenStreetMap with uMap. Data is archived/updated from Github.

$8,541 raised

of $8,000 goal

106% Funded! Order Below


Head Full of Air LLC

Mathew Lippincott created Head Full of Air LLC to further his passion for low-cost kite and balloon flight systems and open hardware. Through Head Full of Air, Mathew has created learning resources for NSF- add NASA- funded educational projects as well as led public workshops.

Mathew Lippincott

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