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Aug 25, 2020

Project update 3 of 7

"Ask Me Anying" (AMA) on Crowd Supply Discord this Wednesday

by Jaap de Dood

Hey everyone! We will be hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) this Wednesday, 8/26, at 1pm PST. This will be the perfect opportunity to ask questions you may have about the 3DoT board and Humans for Robots. A few of the people who have worked on the 3DoT board and 3DoT robots will be hanging out, and everyone is happy to answer questions from something as simple as "What can I use the board for?" to challenging technical questions!

To join the AMA, go to the 3DoT-board-ama channel in the Crowd Supply Discord channel and start asking questions at 1pm PST on Wednesday! If you have never used Discord before, make sure to set up your account and get familiar a little beforehand.

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