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Jul 26, 2023

Project update 3 of 7

Comparison Test: Rover Power Consumption

by Sharon Wang

We are thrilled to share our second update!

This week we conducted a power test to evaluate the performance of three different devices: the Hyfix Rover, Ublox F9, and Septentrio Mosaic GO. We utilized a common antenna setup and the powerful "STRSVR" utility from RTKlib for data logging.

Power Test Setup

We connected the three receivers to a single GPS splitter connected to a common antenna. This allowed us to simultaneously test and record data for all the devices while keeping the test environment consistent.

Introducing Power Measurement

We used a USB power receiver to record the power consumption of each device. This receiver enabled us to monitor the power consumption of each rover when plugged in. At the end of the test that was conducted in the first update post, the USB tool was inserted into each device yielding the following results:

Hyfix RTK Rover05.111 V0.0710 A0.35 W
Septentrio Mosaic GO05.081 V0.2273 A1.10 W
Ublox F905.093 V0.1799 A0.91 W
HyFix Rover
Septentrio Mosaic GO
Ublox F9


The power consumption results highlight that the Hyfix Rover is optimized for power efficiency. This makes it a suitable choice for applications where conserving power is crucial. The power efficiency of the devices plays a critical role in determining their overall performance and battery life. The Hyfix Rover proves to be the most power-efficient device among the three devices. Way to go! Next Update: In our next post, we will be sharing the results of a different test that will be conducted. Stay tuned for more updates. As always, feel free to reach out to us with your questions or suggestions. Your input is important to us!

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