RTK Rover

Centimeter-accurate, standalone, USB- or Ethernet-based RTK receiver that leverages a robust, decentralized geospatial network

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Centimeter-Accurate Solution

RTK Rover is an low-power, easy-to-use dev kit that lets you add centimeter-accurate positioning to anything you design. With it, you can build a stand-alone RTK receiver such as those used by professional surveyors in the field. Our Mini PCIe module includes a dual-band, all-constellation, LC29H GNSS module from Quectel, and our on-board inertial measurement unit (IMU) tracks position through dead reckoning when GNSS is lost.

RTK Rover has 1 centimeter accuracy and top notch performance that is comparable to $20 K Geodetic grade survey equipment, but at a 99% discount!

USB Rover Kit

The small, magnetic-mount, dual-band antennas offer excellent signal reception on your car, robot, drone, or backpack. Connect to the Internet-based GEODNET network to receive a GNSS correction stream that requires only a few seconds to improve your Fixed RTK accuracy to within a few centimeters. The EmbedCM RTK Evaluation Kit supports standard NMEA output messages and comes with an open-source decoder and logger written in Node.js.

We also provide a second Raspberry Pi HAT that provides a USB Type-C interface, an event interface, an odometer connection, and plug-and-play connectivity to a Raspberry Pi 4B. Our handsome metal enclosure allows you to build your own professional-quality, high-accuracy GNSS receiver with support for Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB connectivity – a product that would normally cost you thousands of dollars!

Ethernet Rover Kit with Raspberry Pi 4B

USB-C or Ethernet, the choice is yours to select a USB or a more powerful Ethernet Pi4B-based device to take your project to the next level. Both versions provide built-in trial account access with centimeter-accurate precision to the world’s largest decentralized GNSS reference network, GEODNET.

Introduced at the Institute of Navigation 2021 GNSS Conference, the Global Earth Observation Decentralized Network (GEODNET) received a "best presentation award", and has rapidly grown since our official launch in early 2022. With over 3000 reference stations online on every major continent, the GEODNET is the world’s largest decentralized, real-time geospatial reference network. Check out the live reference station map: https://console.geodnet.com/map RTK Rover is compatible with other network options, however, the cost may reach 10x cost of GEODNET (free trial only available for GEODNET).



HYFIX USB RoverUblox F9P KitUblox F9R KitUblox C099 Board
Correction Service Trial30 Days (GEODNET) 30 Days (HXGN SmartNet) 30 Days (HXGN SmartNet) 30 Days (HXGN SmartNet)
Open Source SoftwareYes No No No
GNSS ReceiverLC29H F9P F9R F9P
Dual-BandL1/L5 L1/L2 L1/L2 L1/L2
IMU/Dead ReckoningYes No Yes No
CPU ShieldRaspberry Pi4B N/A N/A Arduino Mega
Metal HousingYes Yes Yes No
AntennaMag Mount 5m cable Mag Mount 3m cable Mag Mount 3m cable Mag Mount 3m cable
Price$195 $259 $299 $300

HYFIX EVK Ethernet Rover

HYFIX Pi4B Ethernet Rover Swift PGM Kit Aceinna OpenRTK
Correction Service Trial 30 Days (GEODNET) 30 Days (Skylark) Not Included
Open-Source Software Yes No Yes
GNSS Receiver LC29H LG69 LG69
Dual-Band L1/L5 L1/L5 L1/L5
IMU/Dead Reckoning Yes Yes Yes
Ethernet/WiFi/BT Yes Yes Yes
Metal Housing Yes Yes No
Antenna Mag Mount 5m cable Mag Mount 3m cable Mag Mount 3m cable
CPU/OS Raspberry Pi4B Raspbian Linux Onlogic CL200 Ubuntu Linux STM32 FreeRTOS
Price$395 $1295 $542
Antenna and USB C cable

Features & Specifications


USB Rover Kit

HYFIX EVK Ethernet Rover Kit

Ethernet Rover

Support & Documentation

You can find schematics, source code, drivers, and docs in our GitHub repository.

We plan to add more software capabilities, especially for the Raspberry Pi version. This is ongoing and more features will be shared as they are tested. In addition, we plan to shoot more demo videos with the Rover in many use cases, including vehicle testing, package tracking, and in various robots. These tests will be executed and shared with the community. We welcome content and ideas from users.

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"The easy-to-use Rovers enable Centimeter Accuracy for IoT and Mobile Robot developers using the GEODNET GNSS reference network"

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Produced by Hyfix in Palo Alto, CA.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

USB Rover Kit

USB RTK Rover Kit with dual-band GNSS antenna, USB Type-C cable, and 30 day GEODNET trial

$195 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Ethernet Rover Kit

RTK Rover with pre-configured Raspberry Pi4B with robust housing, SD card, dual-band GNSS antenna, USB Type-C cable, and 30 day GEODNET trial

$395 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

About the Team


Palo Alto, CA  ·   HyfixAI  ·   hyfix.ai

HYFIX develops IoT-friendly, low-cost embedded hardware and software solutions for centimeter-accurate GNSS. The MobileCM and EmbedCM product lines utilize the latest dual-band GNSS chipsets. HYFIX also manufactures plug-and-play GEODNET basestations and supports RTK and PPP algorithms using GEODNET data streams.

David Chen
Sharon Wang
Gerardo Aldana

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