A phase-coherent software-defined radio with five RTL-SDRs

Mar 15, 2022

Project update 12 of 21

Enclosures, Drawings, Calculators, User Manual and Shenzhen Lockdown Updates

by KrakenRF Inc

Enclosure Updates

In the last update we showed what the new enclosure with fan looks like with the raw aluminum. This is a brief update just to show off some pictures of what the (near) final enclosure will look like after anodizing and with the logo lasered on. The only remaining changes are that we will be modifying the serial number sizing.

And here is a shot of some early enclosure top pieces, fresh from cutting the logo with the laser etcher.

KrakenSDR Engineering Drawing

Some customers have been asking for dimensions of the KrakenSDR. We have released an engineering drawing that be found at the link below.

KrakenSDR Enclosure Drawing

New Antenna Calculator

We have also created a new antenna calculator Excel sheet that can be downloaded from here. Please note that you will need to either actually download the sheet and open it in Excel offline, or you will need to create a copy in your own Google Sheets account. Otherwise it’s locked for editing, as otherwise editing it would change it for everyone.

The new calculator can be used for any number of antennas used in the array between three to five, and can be used to determine what frequencies a chosen array radius will be usable for.

Antenna Array Calculator

Users Manual Draft

We have also released the first rough draft of our paper users manual that will be included with the product for EU regulatory compliance. We will have the most up to date manuals and tutorials on our website shortly after we begin shipping. However, the paper manual may make good reading.

KrakenSDR Users Manual Print Version DRAFT

Manufacturing Updates

Last update we mentioned that some components were stuck in customs pending some special COVID protection measures. Fortunately these components have now finally arrived, so manufacturing is proceeding as planned. Everything else is proceeding as expected.

March 14 Manufacture Update:

Note that just yesterday we heard that the city of Shenzhen in China is going back into strict stay-at-home lockdown due to increasing COVID Omicron outbreaks in the region. Shenzhen is where most of the electronics manufacturing in the world happens, including our KrakenSDR. We’re not yet sure on the impact that this lockdown will have on our schedule, but we must expect the possibility of delays now as factories are expected to suspend all production during the lockdown. We will keep everyone updated as we get more news.

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