Libre RISC-V M-Class

A 100% libre RISC-V + 3D GPU chip for mobile devices

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The Libre RISC-V M-Class is a RISC-V chip that is libre-licensed to the bedrock. It is a low-power, mobile-class, 64-bit Quad-Core SoC at a minimum 800mhz clock rate, suitable for tablet, netbook, and industrial embedded systems. Full source code and files are available not only for the operating system and bootloader, but also for the processor, its peripherals and its 3D GPU and VPU.

Onboard the Libre RISC-V M-Class is the Kazan GPU, a libre-licensed, software-rendered Vulkan Driver written in Rust that uses LLVM for code generation. Kazan will use optimised 3D instructions specifically designed for and added to the Libre RISC-V M-Class SoC, yet Kazan itself may still be used (unoptimised) on other hardware.

The performance target for Kazan on the Libre RISCV SoC is a very modest mobile-class level (1280 x 720 25 fps, 100 Mpixels/sec, 30 Mtriangles/sec, 5-6 GFLOPs), whilst the power budget is very tight (under 2.5 watts in a 28 nm process). With RISC-V being 40% more power efficient than x86 or ARM, this is very reasonably achievable.

Project Updates

Dec 04, 2018

Comments on recent Phoronix articles

Many thanks to Michael Larabel, who has been writing early articles on this project before we had a chance to get this pre-launch page up and running. What follows are some of my observations and responses about the articles. Read the full update.

Nov 28, 2018

Why make a quad-core 64-bit SoC? Surely, there are enough already!

So, the year is 2018, and there does not exist a single commercial "System-on-a-Chip" (SoC) that is capable of running 3D mobile games and playing 1080p60 video, where the end-user, including commercial customers, can say that they have full control over their devices. Read the full update.

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