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Dec 02, 2016

Project update 41 of 82

Manufacturing Update #2

We have been busy building the inventory of components and parts for assembly of the LimeSDR boards. As mentioned in our previous manufacturing update, we have been working with our suppliers to expedite the delivery of the long-lead-time components: the FPGA and crucially, the TCXO. The latter parts have been customised for LimeSDR in order to achieve the required performance for the most demanding modulation schemes.

Components in our Taiwan offices

We have now received 500 units of both the Intel/Altera FPGAs and Rakon TCXO parts. The delivery date for the remaining units are unchanged and due on 22nd December. We have taken the step of booking an assembly slot with our ODM in Taiwan for the manufacturing and delivery of the first 500 boards, so that the early backers could get their boards sooner, albeit a month later than the original timetable of the end of November. The remaining boards we expect to deliver by the end of January. As always, you will know your order has shipped when you receive a shipping confirmation email from Crowd Supply, which will include tracking information. In the meantime, please log into your Crowd Supply account to make any shipping address updates, as the window for making such changes is rapidly closing.

Antennas, cables, and cases in our UK offices

All the components for the boards are now in our offices in Taiwan and the rest, such as the antennas, cables, and cases (accessories), have been received at Lime headquarters in the UK. The boards will be assembled and tested in Taiwan, then shipped to the UK for final QC, before being packaged together with the accessories and sent over to Crowd Supply for distribution.

We are keen to provide you with a full insight into all the processes involved in ensuring that you get the very highest quality product. In support of which, there have been major efforts in the development of our production test program to optimise the test time while carrying out an exhaustive test, to ensure all the features on the board are fully tested. Please stay tuned for our next update on this and other manufacturing updates, so that you are fully informed of the journey in providing an SDR solution that is of the highest quality at an affordable price.

Jessica and the LimeSDR Team

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