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Nov 18, 2016

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SPI Speed Optimisation, LuaRadio and Arch Linux

Receiving AX.25 with LuaRadio and LimeSDR

The engineering team are constantly striving to improve the overall performance and user experience of the LimeSDR platform, and in a blog post this week over on Myriad-RF, Andrew takes a look at a change in the way that SPI programming of the LMS7002M FPRF transceiver is handled, which has resulted in much faster read and write operations. What this means is that there is now a far more responsive user experience when tuning around bands — as a radio amateur or shortwave listener might do — and it’s also possible to support frequency agile applications.

In a second post this week Andrew also introduces support for LuaRadio, courtesy of its developer, Vanya Sergeev, who has added LimeSDR support to the lightweight, embeddable SDR framework. Which is great news for fans of the Lua language and embedded SDR developers alike! There’s good news for fans of Arch Linux too, as Vanya has also packaged the LimeSDR host driver for the Linux distribution which is famed for its eminently elegant simplicity and power user appeal.

Jessica and the LimeSDR Team

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