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May 21, 2020

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Announcing megaAI Campaign

by Brandon G

Good day, DepthAI Fans! We have some exciting news for you today: New hardware!

megaAI with a US quarter for scale. Actual size: 43mm by 30mm

Luxonis has made a new product dubbed megaAI and we’re launching a new Crowd Supply campaign today. What is it? A MEGA-powerful yet physically-tiny 4k/60 camera powered by the machine learning technology behind DepthAI.

We could go on, but perhaps a video will do better by way of introduction. Without further adieu, here is Luxonis megaAI- the biggest little thing in computer vision:

Now that all our orders to you wonderful backers of the original DepthAI Crowd Supply have shipped, we figured it was a great time to get megaAI out to the world. megaAI doesn’t replace any DepthAI boards, it’s a new offering, and we hope you’ll come along with us fo the ride again!

Thank you for supporting us,

The Luxonis Team

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