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Apr 29, 2020

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Open Hardware

by Brandon G

Hi DepthAI Fans,

As promised, we have open sourced the DepthAI hardware!

Now you can integrate the power of DepthAI into your custom prototypes and products at the board level.

We open sourced the carrier boards for the DepthAI System on Module (SoM), publishing the Altium design files and all supporting information.

So now you can easily take this SoM and integrate it directly into your designs:

DepthAI hardware files

DepthAI ProductLuxonis Part numberGithub Files
RPi Compute Module EditionBW1097Hardware files
RPi HAT EditionBW1094Hardware files
USB3 Onboard Cameras EditionBW1098OBCHardware files
USB3 Modular Cameras EditionBW1098FFCHardware files

We can’t wait to see what you build with it (and we’ve already seen some really cool things!).

Brandon & the Luxonis Team

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