The palm-sized open source spider robot

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MOMONGA is a palm-sized, open source spider robot that has 4 built-in servo motor mechanisms made with 3D printing. They are expressive through movement and their two RGB LED eyes, and have emotive sound using the four piezo speakers. MOMONGA robots can be interactive, using their four light sensors to detect hands as objects.

The robots are programmable with Arduino IDE, so it’s easy to customize. You can also create original body parts using your own 3D printer. In addition to the standard IR controller, there are optional controllers that can be connected to a mobile device with BLE, or can be connected to various user systems such as RaspberryPi through UART communication.

MOMONGA spiders fit right in with hobbyists, robot enthusiasts, and in educational environments.

MOMONGA movement

3D-printed leg mechanisms

A. 2 mm screw shaft
B. 42T spur gear
C. Link slider with magnet
D. Rotating disk with magnet
E. Leg chassis
F. Leg control board (ATtiny84, Hall effect sensor x3, motor driver)
G. Foot cover
H. Ball bearing x2
J. DC Motor with 8T pinion gear
K. Interface cable
L. Piezo speaker

Features & Specifications

  • Arduino IDE compatible
  • Main controller: ATmega328P with FTDI and micro USB
  • Outputs: two RGB LEDs (for eyes), four piezoelectric speakers
  • Sensors: four optical sensors for object detection
  • Power: 3.7 V, 250 mAh LiPo battery with charging circuit
  • Remote control: infrared controller and infrared receiver
  • Body/chassis: 3D printed parts, modifiable to user design
  • 3D-printed servo mechanisms: each robot has 4 non-contact position detection servo mechanism with magnetic hall effect sensors and magnets, controlled by ATtiny84.
  • Optional control methods: BLE, RaspberryPi with compatible UART terminal
  • Size/weight: 4 x 4 x 3 in / 2 oz.

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