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An ESP32 LTE and GPS module for IoT connectivity and vehicle tracking

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ESPNetLink is an LTE and GPS module designed to bring IoT connectivity and vehicle tracking scenarios to life. Whether you’re a member of the WiCAN community, an electric car owner looking to glean insights, or someone interested in advanced telemetry, ESPNetLink provides fast data and precise tracking to power your use case. It is powered directly from the WiCAN Pro’s USB interface or the vehicle’s USB port, ensuring easy installation and reliable performance.

What makes ESPNetLink special is its versatility. This small board can function as a low-power LTE IoT internet gateway or a dedicated vehicle GPS tracker. The device is easy to configure using a simple HTML webpage or command line interface, making setup and management straightforward for users of all technical levels. Additionally, ESPNetLink’s low power consumption and support for sleep mode mean it won’t drain the car’s battery. Its small size lets you mount it wherever you want in the vehicle, ensuring optimal wireless reception.

Bring Your WiCAN Pro Online

ESPNetLink enables WiCAN-Pro to connect to the LTE network, providing continuous internet connectivity for real-time data access and remote diagnostics while on the road. It serves as an excellent GPS tracker and telemetry device for electric vehicles that allows the vehicle’s location and performance data to be monitored.

With its low power consumption and support for sleep mode, ESPNetLink is perfect for long-term use without worrying about draining the car battery if parked for an extended amount of time. Additionally, it functions as an IoT gateway for low data rate devices, ensuring reliable connectivity and data transmission for devices and sensors, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of IoT applications.

Features & Specifications

Open Source

ESPNetLink is open hardware. We will release schematics during the campaign, and you can already check out the firmware on our GitHub page.

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"ESPNetLink is an LTE and GPS module designed to connect to IoT devices. Combined with a WiCAN Pro, it provides a powerful vehicle tracking platform."

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