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WiCAN Pro is an unparalleled diagnostic OBD scanner meticulously designed to meet the advanced needs of automotive diagnostics. It’s powered by a dedicated OBD interpreter chip, ensuring comprehensive support across all legislated OBD-II protocols. With its ability to interface with three CAN BUS protocols and one SW CAN, WiCAN Pro has broad compatibility, covering numerous makes and models.

Built on the robust ESP32-S3 platform, WiCAN Pro is equipped to run the powerful, open-source WiCAN firmware. This device features a USB host interface that supports peripheral integration like LTE modems or GPS modules. This extends its utility beyond traditional diagnostics to include real-time location tracking and online data analysis.

Moreover, WiCAN Pro’s compatibility with various instruction sets, including ELM327, ELM329, STN, and VT instructions, ensures a versatile and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to professionals and enthusiasts. Whether for monitoring vehicle health, diagnosing complex issues, or optimizing performance, WiCAN Pro delivers unmatched diagnostic capabilities and connectivity, redefining the standards in automotive diagnostic tools.

Monitor, Diagnose, Repair

WiCAN Pro is a versatile, sophisticated OBD development and diagnostics tool; it allows users to perform detailed inspections and troubleshoot vehicle systems, simplifying some repairs. Enthusiasts interested in car hacking can leverage WiCAN Pro to modify car functions, enhance performance, or unlock hidden features, all within a safe and controlled environment.

It provides real-time access to car diagnostics data for those keen on continuous monitoring, helping users closely watch vehicle health and performance. Additionally, its integration capabilities with home assistance systems enable users to automate and remotely manage vehicle diagnostics and monitoring, adding a layer of convenience to everyday automobile use.

Features & Specifications

Open Source

The firmware is a version of the existing, open-source WiCAN firmware found on GitHub. Hardware schematics will be available after the campaign.

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