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Jul 27, 2022

Project update 5 of 8

The Last Day of Our Campaign, and Our New Cryptocurrency-Trading Application

by Philippe C

We hit our funding goal yesterday, and we want to thank you all so much for allowing us to make this crazy project a reality. You are all wonderful people! But shall we abandon the field on this, our final day of battle? Certainly not! We continue brainstorming new ideas and implementing new features to make ShaRPiKeebo even more useful. Because you deserve it.

We mentioned previously that ShaRPiKeebo had blockchain-related applications, and a backer asked us just this week if there were any cryptocurrency apps available. So obviously we took that as a challenge, slept a little less, and worked a little more. Could we fit Wall Street in a pack of cigarettes? It turns out, we can. With a little help from Python, ShaRPiKeebo is a fully capable algorithmic trading robot.

Below is step-by-step tutorial (in English and French) that explains how to set it up.



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