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Jul 25, 2022

Project update 4 of 9

More Enclosure News & A Funding-Goal Reduction!

by Philippe C

Hi there,

Last month, we worked ourselves half to death making sure we could CE and UKCA mark ShaRPiKeebo for our European friends. This week, we turned our attention to the enclosure. We decided to equip all ShaRPiKeebo units with a free enclosure—to thank you all for your support—but we still had some design decisions to make, so we tested several different variations…

Approaching a Final Design for Our Production Enclosure

It was another week rich in education and crazy thinking as we spent hours in SolidWorks exploring various options. (Our resin and PLA 3D printers have been working overtime…) We still have a few things to finalize, but we are now super confident about our design. We continue to experiment with injection molding to see if we can affordably produce a reliable plastic enclosure, but…even if we don’t get there, you can rest assured that our 3D-printed alternative was designed by a professional in the field.

Decreasing Price Variability of Components Means…$25k Is Plenty!

We have another cool surprise for you this week. We’ve been extremely cautious about making campaign commitments, and our $45k funding goal reflects that attitude. The global component shortage—and associated price variability—has been a key motivator for that level of caution. While supply-chain issues continue to plague the industry, recent exchanges with our suppliers suggest improved visibility into component lead times and reduced price variability moving forward. With that in mind, we’ve begun to think maybe we were a little too cautious?

So, in consultation with Crowd Supply, we have determined that the $25k we’ve already raised is enough to deliver ShaRPiKeebo with enough of a safety margin to ensure the sustainability of the project. This means our campaign is a success, which is great news for us. And it’s great news for you because it means you will be getting your ShaRPiKeebo!

Three Days Left!

We have three days left in our campaign, so please don’t hesitate to hit the streets with your drum and your megaphone to rally the masses. The more we raise, the more of these little surprises we can afford to announce!

Thank you a thousand times for your support. ShaRPiKeebo has been in the works for over three years, and you’ve helped us make it a reality!

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