Pherra & Chey Vases

by Munumental

Ceramic vases crafted with beauty and function. Manufactured in Portland.

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Nov 28 2013


Ceramic vases crafted with beauty and function. Manufactured in Portland.

Pherra & Chey are ceramic vases that are multifunctional with a touch of elegance. They challenge conventional structures of plant containers. Inspired by landscapes and land formations, these spatial undulations in the land gave way to monumental visions for small scale tabletop products. They embrace the elements they embody and mold perfectly into their surrounding space.

More than just pretty vases, Pherra & Chey are ergonomical and easy to carry. They conform to the body and can move around. They may be held in various ways through the compound curves in the forms.

Not only can you can use them to hold plants (succulents and flowers), you can also use them to hold trinkets or edibles (fruits and candy). They fit in well indoors and outdoors. You can easily move them wherever there is sunlight.

Pherra & Chey add a playful touch to your living environment both in its visual appeal and physical interaction.

Product Specifications

Pherra is the lower based vase and Chey is the taller, majestic form. Each form has a size small and large. They are earthenware based and finished with white glossy glaze, thus lightweight and glamourous. There are no drainage holes at the bottom of the vases, but the glaze makes the vases food safe.

  • Pherra small 5w x 4.5d x 2.5h”, 0.5lb
  • Pherra large 9.5w x 8.5d x 5h”, 1lb
  • Chey small 7w x 6d x 4.75h”, 0.8lb
  • Chey large 9.75w x 9.75d x 8h”, 1.5lb

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Manufacturing Plan

Pherra & Chey Vases are manufactured by a ceramic studio, Mudshark Studios LLC., in Portland, Oregon. Because the manufacturing process is based in the U.S., the products are made with quality care. So I will need your help in launching these vases. The slip-casting production process involves multiple molds from the master to the mother and working molds, which costs approximately \$5,500. The cost for the first minimum run is around \$8,000, which does not include the packaging, shipping, and handling costs. When all upfront factors are added up, the total cost is over \$15,000.

Meeting the initial production cost means a lot to a small business startup. I will be able to successfully launch these first products and get a great start to a new product design company, called Munumental. More importantly, holding a crowdfunding event with CrowdSupply generates more than just funds. It provides exposure, possibilities, dreams and hope. I hope that you will support local designers, makers and entrepreneurs, like myself.

About The Creator

Munumental is a product design studio in San Francisco, CA that focuses on craft, beauty, and function. We bring together visual aesthetics and user interactions through our products. In this way we connect the users and objects in a pleasing way that enhances the everyday living experience. We challenge what exists and aim for new perspectives. Not only do we strive for quality, we are also committed to local makers and manufacturers. Our goal is to serve as an inspiration and catalyst to the design community and many alike. We hope that you can support us through our first steps.



Munumental is a product design company that focuses on craft, beauty, and function. Founded by Jeannie Wu and located in San Francisco, CA.

Jeannie Wu, Founder

Mudshark Studios

Ceramics Manufacturer

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