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The Campaign is Live!

by Colin O'Flynn

PhyWhisperer-USB is here! We’ve recently launched our campaign for PhyWhisperer-USB, the open-source tool for triggering and sniffing USB. What can you do with this tool? While it was created out of Colin O’Flynn’s research he talked about at Black Hat USA, and also described in more detail in a paper in WOOT‘19. The PhyWhisperer-USB makes it easy to perform advanced attacks on USB devices, by giving you a cycle-accurate trigger to precisely target instruction execution.

We decided that this is something we’re doing in some form no matter what, so we’ve set a $1 goal. But supporting this project now helps us with the initial production run & tells us what features people are most interested in. They’re also a bit discounted from the final retail price. We’ll keep you updated with new developments and examples throughout the campaign.

Thanks for your support & be sure to share with anyone else who might be interested!

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PhyWhisperer-USB Kit

A PhyWhisperer-USB in enclosure, MCX to SMA cable, MCX to BNC cable, and 2x micro-USB cables.


NewAE Technology Inc

NewAE developed the ChipWhisperer, the first open-source tool for side-channel power analysis and fault injection. They have shipped over 2000 of their low-cost boards & now offer a wide range of products to help embedded designers evaluate and develop embedded hardware security solutions.

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