by NewAE Technology Inc

A hardware-based USB 2.0 monitor & trigger platform, controlled from Python

Sep 06, 2019

Manufacturing Prep

In preparation for manufacturing, we've been updating the PCB, checking enclosure assembly, and getting together other required documentation. Read the full update.

Sep 04, 2019

Ending Soon & Testing and Validating FPGA Designs

With just over a day remaining in the campaign, we go over what we've got planned for the crucial act of testing. Read the full update.

Aug 22, 2019

Feature Development

PhyWhisperer-USB is moving along! This week we wanted to show off some of the features added recently to the tool. Read the full update.

Aug 09, 2019

The Campaign is Live!

PhyWhisperer-USB is here! We've just launched our campaign for PhyWhisperer-USB, the open-source tool for triggering and sniffing USB. Read the full update.

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Product Choices


Reward the QA Managers

Our QA/ESD testers beg everyone for treats, so why not beg random internet people? You get nothing in return except an update video of them eating treats.


PhyWhisperer-USB Kit

A PhyWhisperer-USB in enclosure, MCX to SMA cable, MCX to BNC cable, and 2x micro-USB cables. Save $25 off the planned retail price.


The Three Musketeers

Our less staby version of the three musketeers. You get three PhyWhisperer-USB kits, saving $150 off retail.


Teacher Teacher

A PhyWhisperer-USB kit and a seat at Colin's side-channel + fault injection training starting December 2 in Redwood City, CA. The PhyWhisperer kit will either be mailed to you in advance or handed to you in person. You'll get a full ChipWhisperer Kit at the training, and learn how to use it. The PhyWhisperer-USB can be used as an advanced trigger for the ChipWhisperer. Does not include your travel or accommodations!


NewAE Technology Inc

NewAE developed the ChipWhisperer, the first open-source tool for side-channel power analysis and fault injection. They have shipped over 2000 of their low-cost boards & now offer a wide range of products to help embedded designers evaluate and develop embedded hardware security solutions.

Colin O'Flynn

Jean-Pierre Thibault

Claire Friaz

Franz Heubach

Alex Dewar

Liam Craig


QA Manager


Assistant (to the) QA Manager

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