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A hardware-based USB 2.0 monitor & trigger platform, controlled from Python

Aug 09, 2019

The Campaign is Live!

PhyWhisperer-USB is here! We've just launched our campaign for PhyWhisperer-USB, the open-source tool for triggering and sniffing USB. Read the full update.

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Reward the QA Managers

Our QA/ESD testers beg everyone for treats, so why not beg random internet people? You get nothing in return except an update video of them eating treats.


PhyWhisperer-USB Kit

A PhyWhisperer-USB in enclosure, MCX to SMA cable, MCX to BNC cable, and 2x micro-USB cables. Save $25 off the planned retail price.


The Three Musketeers

Our less staby version of the three musketeers. You get three PhyWhisperer-USB kits, saving $150 off retail.


Teacher Teacher

A PhyWhisperer-USB kit and a seat at Colin's side-channel + fault injection training starting December 2 in Redwood City, CA. The PhyWhisperer kit will either be mailed to you in advance or handed to you in person. You'll get a full ChipWhisperer Kit at the training, and learn how to use it. The PhyWhisperer-USB can be used as an advanced trigger for the ChipWhisperer. Does not include your travel or accommodations!


NewAE Technology Inc

NewAE developed the ChipWhisperer, the first open-source tool for side-channel power analysis and fault injection. They have shipped over 2000 of their low-cost boards & now offer a wide range of products to help embedded designers evaluate and develop embedded hardware security solutions.

Colin O'Flynn

Jean-Pierre Thibault

Claire Friaz

Franz Heubach

Alex Dewar

Liam Craig


QA Manager


Assistant (to the) QA Manager

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