Dec 14, 2017

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The Latest and Greatest from Crowd Supply (Now with Links!)

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"Freedom begins between the ears." — Edward Abbey

New: ANAVI Light pHAT

ANAVI Light pHAT is an open hardware, Raspberry Pi add-on board for controlling a 12 V RGB LED strip. It also supports sensors for light, temperature, humidity, gesture recognition, and motion detection. Make your Raspberry Pi bright and shiny!

Learn More About the ANAVI Light pHAT

New: HwUI

HwUI is an open source, low cost, single PCB board with integrated capacitive touch buttons and sliders, as well as a microcontroller and Bluetooth module. Grab a HwUI anytime you need a quick, easy, and durable hardware user interface.

Learn More About HwUI

Coming Soon: Tomu

Tomu is the open, super affordable, programmable computer that fits into your USB slot with just enough overhang for two capacitive touch-buttons. With an ARM Cortex M0+ and two LEDs, Tomu is perfectly suited as a multi-factor authentication key, custom LED notifier, keyboard input, or anything you set your mind to.

Learn More About Tomu

Update: Haasoscope

Haasoscope is open, fast, cheap data acquisition for all! Today is the last day to take advantage of discounted campaign pricing. Be sure to check out the latest project updates, too.

Learn More About Haasoscope

In Stock: STEAM Stories

This STEAM Stories electronics kit by @bunniestudios introduces you to the story “When Thea LED the Way” to teach and reinforce basic electronics concepts. STEAM Stories is now part of our Holiday Gift Guide, which means it’s in stock and ready to ship!

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