Dec 07, 2017

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New: ALio Proto Board

ALio embedded board, bottom view.

ALio is an open source prototyping board that accommodates almost any SMD and through-hole component at the same time. It’s available with common breakouts for USB and microSD card connectors, as well as Arduino-compatible mounting holes.

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REFLO is a compact, open, smart PCB reflow oven. Stylish and portable, the REFLO is a great tool for creators to easily, quickly, and professionally prototype their IoT device, wearable, small robot, etc.

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Coming Soon: IQ Drone Module

The IQ Drone Module is an integrated motor and controller that uses a position sensor and advanced control algorithms to optimize motor performance. Spinning at low speeds, instantaneous motor reversal, active breaking, and anticogging are just a few of its superpowers.

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Update: PulseRain M10

An FPGA configuration utility was just released for the PulseRain M10, which makes this Arduino-compatible FPGA development board even easier to use.

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Holiday Gift Guide

From heart monitors to French presses, the Crowd Supply Holiday Gift Guide has something for everyone. Everything listed is in stock and ready ship immediately.

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