Jan 15, 2019

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"Water is to me, I confess, a phenomenon which continually awakens new feelings of wonder as often as I view it." — Michael Faraday

New: ANAVI Thermometer

ANAVI Thermometer gives you Wi-Fi access to on-board temperature and humidity sensors with an ESP8266. Quick, easy, and open source IoT with plenty of fun add-on modules.

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Coming Soon: HestiaPi Touch

HestiaPi Touch is an open source, smart thermostat for controlling HVAC and water systems. (ch)own your smart home thermostat, because if you don’t have root access, someone else does.

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Coming Soon: Binary Clock Shield

A real-time clock with blinky bits! Keep track of time and more with the Binary Clock Shield for Arduino.

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In-stock: TinyFPGA BX

The TinyFPGA BX brings you the power and flexibility of custom digital logic designs. With the BX module, you can design and implement your own digital logic circuits in a tiny form-factor that’s perfect for breadboards, small spaces, or custom PCBs.

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In-stock: LimeSDR Mini Grove Starter Kits

Made in collaboration with Seeed Studio, this 21-piece kit includes a LimeSDR Mini and gets you started with your SDR/hardware project right out the gate. Back in stock and ready to ship.

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