Dec 19, 2018

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The Latest and Greatest from Crowd Supply

"Oh no, not again." — Bowl of petunias

New: Onion Omega2 Pro

Meet the Onion Omega2 Pro, a tiny, open source, single-board computer pre-loaded with OpenWrt. With 8 GB of storage and built-in Wi-Fi, this embedded Linux machine packs a punch.

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New: Palitra

Palitra is an affordable, configurable, and open source keypad for photographers, software developers, videographers, or anyone who uses shortcuts. Keep all your shortcuts within a finger’s twitch.

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New: Fomu

Fomu is an FPGA board that fits inside your USB port. Fomu runs Python on top of a RISC-V softcore and has a fully open source toolchain. Fomu is the easiest way to get started with FPGA or RISC-V development.

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Coming Soon: ANAVI Thermometer

ANAVI Thermometer gives you Wi-Fi access to an on-board temperature and humidity sensor with an ESP8266. Quick, easy, and open source IoT with plenty of fun add-on modules.

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Coming Soon: ABC, MIT, IHTFP!

ABC, MIT, IHTFP! is an alphabet board book with photos of MIT hacks for each letter of the alphabet. If seeing a police car on the Great Dome or Tetris on the Green Building gives you joy, this book is for you and the alphabet learners in your life!

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In-stock: HiFive Unleashed

The very first Linux-capable RISC-V development board is now shipping from stock in limited quantity. Grab your own piece of open silicon.

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