Apr 30, 2019

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New: Robo HAT MM1

The Robo HAT MM1 is an open source robotics controller for Raspberry Pi. It has all the robotics hardware you need in one compact board, and it’s compatible with CircuitPython, SeeSaw, and Arduino IDE.

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Coming Soon: Giant Board

Giant Board is an open source, Linux-capable SBC compatible with the Adafruit Featherwing ecosystem. It will come with over 100 CircuitPython libraries pre-installed for out-of-the box functionality.

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Coming Soon: LimeRFE

The LimeRFE is an RF front end module for LimeSDR and friends. It has the power amplification, filtering, and support circuity needed for real-life RF applications, from HAM radio to standards-compliant cellular network implementations.

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Contest: LimeSDR Field Reports

Did you do something unique, difficult, or unexpected with your Lime product? Share your "Field Report" and it may get shared with the world! Plus, there’s a chance to win a LimeSDR Mini.

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Project Updates: Spectra

Read the latest Spectra project updates for a scientific journey that covers a lot of ground, including the state of open source biomedical imaging, how to increase electrical impedance tomography resolution, the history of imaging, and more.

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In-stock: SPIDriver

SPIDriver takes the hassle out of SPI communication. This handy adapter lets you drive SPI devices from any computer with a USB port. In stock and ready to ship!

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