May 08, 2019

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"If you do the work, the work gets done." — Vagrant Cascadian

New: HestiaPi Touch

HestiaPi Touch is an open source, smart thermostat and hub for controlling heating, cooling, water, and other home automation systems. (ch)own your smart home thermostat, because if you don’t have root access, someone else does.

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New: Binary Clock Shield

A real-time clock with blinky bits! Keep track of time and more with the Binary Clock Shield for Arduino.

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Coming Soon: Omega2 LTE

Onion’s Omega2 LTE adds 4G LTE and GNSS positioning to the Linux power and Wi-Fi capability of the Omega2S+ computer module. It’s a full-fledged IoT computer and dev kit, all in a single package.

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Coming Soon: ProxmarkPro

ProxmarkPro lets you conduct RFID & NFC pen testing untethered and in the field. Identify, clone, replay, save, and load tags easily and without bulky hardware or computers.

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Teardown: Sneak Peek

Teardown 2019, the hardware hacking party coming up June 21-23, will feature some amazing people and projects. Here are a few to look forward to, including sound hacking, SBCs + robots, and the Church of Robotron.

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In-stock: HiFive Unleashed Expansion Board

Microsemi’s expansion board for the HiFive Unleashed comes pre-programmed with a PCIe Root Port in the PolarFire FPGA, and much more. Make a RISC-V PC! Another 25 boards are en route to our warehouse. Get yours before they’re sold out.

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Calling All Creators

Crowd Supply is your home for original, useful, respectful hardware. We’d love to hear what you are working on.

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