Sep 18, 2019

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"Once again, the world seems to be less about objects than about interactive relationships." — Carlo Rovelli

New: Signet High-capacity

Signet High-capacity (HC) is an open source, high-speed USB device that acts as a secure flash drive, a password and personal information manager, universal two-factor authentication (U2F) token, and a multi-purpose cryptographic engine.

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New: HEGduino

HEGduino is an affordable and open biofeedback kit that measures blood-oxygen levels in real time and helps you learn to control them.

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Coming Soon: XCOM

XCOM is a complete x86-based single-board computer and carrier board for the XTRX SDR, or other miniPCIe boards. Check out those ports!

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Coming Soon: I²CMini

I²CMini is a simple, tiny, powerful USB-to-I²C bridge. Drive and monitor I²C traffic over the micro-USB connector, using either a Qwiic connector or .1" pins on the I²C side.

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Field Reports: StereoPi

This month is the StereoPi September Grand Prix. Submit your Field Report by the end of the month for a chance to win a special edition stereoscopic camera!

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In Stock: PowMeter Shield Nano

PowMeter Shield is the power monitor that integrates right into your Arduino project. Use it to display real-time power consumption and trigger events based on usage.

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