Signet High-capacity

A physically secured flash drive to protect your files and online identity

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Signet High-capacity (HC) is an open source high-speed USB device that acts an secure flash drive, a password and personal information manager, U2F (universal two-factor authentication) token, and a multi-purpose cryptographic engine.

Signet HC makes it easy to securely access your data from multiple locations, making it a practical alternative to keeping sensitive data on the cloud. With a length of only 50 mm, Signet HC is about the size of the average house key and can fit comfortably on your keyring. The Signet HC application software is cross platform and supports Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Android. For convenience, the application software is available on a read-only volume of the device, and the Desktop software requires no driver installation to run. If you’re away from your computer you can access your data on your Android device through a widely available USB host cable.

To unlock your data you enter your master password into the application software. Once unlocked, your encrypted volumes become available to your computer, and Signet’s personal information database becomes accessible to the client and its browser plugin. If the client is running you can use the client’s browser plugin to automatically fill non-sensitive data (such as a username) in some forms, and fill in sensitive data (such as a password) when you press the device’s button. Signet HC can also act as a USB keyboard to type personal data into any application. For example you can select an account from the Signet client and Signet HC can type both the username and password to immediately log you into a website.

Hardware Features

  • 200 MHz STM32 Cortex M7 processor
  • High speed USB 2.0 interface
  • 32GB of embedded flash memory
  • Illuminated tactile switch
  • 50 mm x 16 mm x 8 mm (longer than original Signet but thinner)

Software Features

  • Encrypted and unencrypted volume support
  • Password and personal information manager: Can be accessed by client and/or browser plugin
  • Store and organize large files in your personal information database
  • Fido U2F token
  • Cryptographic features: File signing, file signature verification, file and email encryption, etc
  • Client software on read-only volume
  • One time use volumes: Created to transfer files. Deleted automatically later.
  • Compatible with the original Signet device

Project Updates

May 20, 2019

Development Board

We received development boards for Signet HC recently. Read the full update.

May 13, 2019

Production Part Design

We now have complete designs for Signet's production PCBA and enclosure. There are still certainly problems to solve this puts us much closer to being ready to launch our campaign. The enclosure has been physically prototyped while the PCBA is currently only designed. Read the full update.

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