Nov 01, 2019

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"Yes, of course duct tape works in a near-vacuum." - Mark Watney

New: UltraMiner FPGA

Featuring the beefy Xilinx Kintex® UltraScale+™ KU3P FPGA, UltraMiner FPGA serves double duty as a powerful dev board and efficient, easy-to-use cryptocurrency mining platform.

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Coming Soon: esp32MX-E

esp32MX-E is an ESP32 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dev board with features galore: Ethernet, USB Type-C, microSD, three power inputs, 18 I/O (plus four inputs), and a secondary 32-bit ARM processor that serves as an I²C port expander.

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Coming Soon: SimplePnP

Up your assembly game without spending a fortune on a machine that is almost too complex even to maintain. Featuring a camera and up to two nozzles, SimplePnP can pick and place components as small as 0402 (1005 metric).

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Coming Soon: Power H Mini v2

Power H Mini v2 is a tiny, open source, high-current, full H-bridge driver with a 12 A peak current, two-wire control, PWM, and excellent thermal properties.

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In-stock: Onion Omega2 LTE

Onion’s Omega2 LTE adds 4G LTE and GNSS positioning to the Linux power and Wi-Fi capability of the Omega2S+ computer module. It’s a full-fledged IoT computer and dev kit, all in a single package.

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Field Report: Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock with ANAVI Light Controller

Using a Raspberry Pi and the ANAVI Light Controller, Jonathan Lister made a lamp that wakes you up with the changing colors of a sunset. His field report even has a software repo if you want to make one on your own.

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