May 29, 2020

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"No one user wrote me. I’m worth millions of their man-years." — Master Control Program

Coming Soon: Traverse Ten64

Ten64 targets high-performance networking (wired and wireless) with an eight-core ARM64, mainline Linux support, eight gigabit Ethernet and two 10G SFP+ ports, DDR4 and ECC RAM support, and many other expansion ports — all in a Mini-ITX form factor.

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Coming Soon: CANtact Pro

Connect a car or other CAN devices to your computer with the open hardware CANtact Pro. Its two channels are electrically isolated and support CAN-FD and single-wire CAN.

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Updates: megaAI

Check out these demo videos of megaAI, the tiny computer vision board with 4K camera. Its impressive compute power can simulatneously track/detect and encode, and handles advanced recognition. This campaign is ending soon.

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In Stock: PicoEVB

PicoEVB is an affordable, open hardware Xilinx Artix dev kit that integrates into your laptop using an M.2 slot. It’s even got a bit of I/O.

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In Stock: Mosfet Girl

A t-shirt like none other! Mosfet Girl features a reimagining of the classic "Transistor Man" diagram in Horowitz and Hill’s "The Art of Electronics."

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In Stock: Split Single-phase Energy Meter

Affordable, open source remote energy monitoring for your entire home, made possible by Split Single Phase Energy Meter. Save on your electricity bill, monitor your solar usage, or bask in your quantified home data.

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