Jun 05, 2020

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"Civil and voting rights for blacks didn’t come from the White House or from masses demonstrating in front of the White House. They came after the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955–56, the Freedom Rides in 1961, the Children’s Crusade in Birmingham in 1963, the Mississippi Freedom Summer and Freedom Schools in 1964, and the Selma-to-Montgomery march in 1965. In other words, they came only after hundreds of thousands of black Americans and their white supporters had accepted the challenge and risks of ourselves making or becoming the changes we want to see in the world." — Grace Lee Boggs

Crowd Supply and its employees stand in solidarity against police brutality. Black lives matter.

New: BLYST840

BLYST840 is a tiny, feature-rich ARM Cortex-M4F module with Bluetooth® 5.2, Thread, and ZigBee capabilities. It has 46 I/O, 1 MB flash, and 256 KB RAM. Between MicroPython support and excellent open source libraries, development is a snap.

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Coming Soon: EMIT

EMIT is designed to provide flexible and professional-grade environmental monitoring to your IoT network. Using an ESP32 board for control and wireless, it has an onboard temperature and humidity sensor, an SPDT relay, a microSD slot, and broken out I/O.

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Coming Soon: 644/1284 Narrow

At almost the same size as an Arduino Nano, Narrow boards have ten more digital I/O and an additional UART - and up to eight times the flash and RAM of an Arduino Uno. They’re the smallest ATmega644/1284-based boards ever produced.

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Based on the Black Magic Probe (BMP), ctxLink is an open hardware, open firmware debugging probe that supports Wi-Fi connectivity and battery-powered operation.

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In Stock: SPIDriver

SPIDriver takes the hassle out of SPI communication. This handy adapter lets you drive SPI devices from any computer with a USB port.

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In Stock: ALio Proto Board

The trace and hole pattern on ALio prototyping boards is designed such that both through-hole and surface-mount components can be easily mounted on the same board and connected with short solder bridges.

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