Jul 24, 2020

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The Latest and Greatest from Crowd Supply

"Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion." — Edward Abbey

New: CANtact Pro

Connect a car or other CAN devices to your computer with the open hardware CANtact Pro. Its two channels are electrically isolated and support CAN-FD and single-wire CAN.

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EMIT is a flexible and professional-grade environmental monitor for your IoT network. Using an ESP32 board for control and wireless, it has an onboard temperature and humidity sensor, an SPDT relay, a microSD card slot, and broken-out I/O.

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Coming Soon: LTA Headphones

LTA Headphones offer a high-quality audio experience with an open hardware twist. Their modular framework allows for extreme levels of customizability - from material to driver spacing. They’ll be available fully-assembled and as DIY kits.

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Field Report: Unifying Remote Controls with Infrared pHAT

Michel T had a lot of remotes. An ANAVI Infrared pHAT plus Raspberry Pi Zero W helped him set up a locally networked IR server to emulate any of his remote controls. His Field Report walks through how he was able to minimize.

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In Stock: TinyPICO

TinyPICO is the world’s smallest full-featured ESP32 development board. In a package smaller than your thumb, it gives you access to the power of the ESP32’s dual-core 240 MHz processor and wireless connectivity!

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In Stock: Infinite Noise TRNG

Infinite Noise TRNG is an affordable, secure, open hardware true random number generator (TRNG). Whether you’re running your own certificate authority or having fun with one-time pads, the Infinite Noise TRNG is your entropic friend.

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Calling All Creators

Crowd Supply is your home for original, useful, respectful hardware. We’d love to hear what you are working on.

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