Aug 01, 2020

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"You can use logic to justify almost anything. That’s its power - and its flaw." — Kathryn Janeway

New: Open Game Station

Open Game Station lets you build and program your own 8-bit gaming rig. Between its modular hardware architecture, a large catalog of existing games, and the freedom to create your own games, your pixelated dreams are within reach.

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New: 3DoT Board

Create your own small, powerful robot with 3DoT Board! In just 35 x 70 mm, it packs a battery, charging circuitry, Bluetooth, an ATmega32U4, direct motor and servo connections, and I/O headers. Comes with an Arduino library and iOS/Android app.

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Coming Soon: Tigard

Tigard is an open source FT2232H-based multi-protocol, multi-voltage tool for exploring low-speed interfaces on reverse-engineered hardware targets. Enjoy a labeled wiring harness, onboard level-shifting, a logic analyzer connection, and more.

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Coming Soon: Tiny1284P

As the name implies, Tiny1284P is a tiny ATmega1284P dev board. It’s open source, Arduino-compatible, and sports a USB Type-C connector for programming and power.

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In Stock: μArt

μArt is the first USB-to-UART adapter that’s truly universal, safe, and reliable. You can use it almost anywhere you need to connect a UART to your computer’s USB port, irrespective of voltage levels and communication speed. A tool for the ages.

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In Stock: USB armory Mk II

The USB armory Mk II is a full-featured computer in a tiny form factor. With a 900 MHz ARM® processor, 512 MB RAM, Bluetooth, and USB-C, it was designed from the ground up with information security applications in mind.

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